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This book is filled with scientific evidence for God’s existence.  This evidence isn’t just circumstantial, it’s undeniable.  And the science is written in a simplistic format while full of entertaining facts.  Whatever your beliefs are, this book offers a whole new perspective on life in this universe.  A great read!


*Print version includes 2 more chapters about evolution.

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God is Cool

Origins of the Universe

All Religions are not Alike

Hostile Invasion

This is an adventure story about life after death.  According to the evidence from Near Death Experiences (NDEs), this is the most accurate description of what heaven will be like.

This book is an action packed sci-fi adventure about life as an angel in the universe.  No other books about heaven have ever used this perspective.


This book explains how our universe has evolved since the beginning.   It also shows just how perfect Earth is for life to exist.

If life evolved here, then life should also evolve elsewhere throughout our universe.  This book describes how that’s scientifically possible.



This book explains how the many different religions are not alike as some people claim.  It’s loaded with historical facts and hard evidence.  The evidence is also presented in a simplistic and entertaining format.  This book is to address those who claim that all religions are alike.  The evidence shows that this is not true.

This is an action packed sci-fi adventure. Alien spaceships suddenly appear over Earth and begin their ground attack. But the invading aliens are intelligent dinosaurs with lasers attached to their forearms. Mankind must pull their resources together to fight for their lives. The invading reptiles are hungry and humans are the new item on the menu. But mankind won’t give up without a fight. Earth’s defenses are powerful and mankind is determined to survive. It’s kill or be killed.