Genesis vs. Science

Genesis vs. Science

             THE AGE OF EARTH

             Try and be open minded to facts instead of someone else’s opinions.  This chapter will open your eyes to some facts that most people are completely unaware of.

             Some religious people claim that the Earth is about 6,000 years old because of Genesis chapter 1 in the Bible when God created the Earth in 6 “days”.  Some believe that each day represented 1,000 years.  That’s because in Psalms 90:4 a day is described as a 1,000 years to God.  But the original Hebrew doesn’t say that 1 day is 1,000 years but more accurately, 1 day is like 1,000 years to God.

             After researching more in the ancient Hebrew, this term “1,000 years” just meant a long period of time, not specifically the amount of exactly 1,000 years.  It was a phrase that meant a long period of time.  Ancient Hebrew had no such word for millions or billions, they were not even in the Hebrew vocabulary at that time.  Maybe a day is like (but not specifically) one million or one billion years to God.  Besides, Psalm 90:4 isn’t even talking about the creation story and was written centuries later by a different person, so they’re taking that verse out of its intended context anyways.

             For example Psalms 19:1 says, “The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands.”  Notice how it says, “the work of God’s hands”.  This is just a figure of speech and shouldn’t be taken so literally.  It’s not saying that God handled the stars in the sky, but that He is merely responsible for their existence and nothing more.

             The book of Genesis says that God created everything in 6 days.  But the Hebrew word “day” had multiple meanings.  It only meant a 24 hour period some of the time.  It was often used to describe a period of time or a significant event.  The ancient Hebrew language had only 9,000 words and wasn’t like our modern day English having millions of words.  In ancient Hebrew and many other languages, the word “day” was used to describe an age, era, or significant period of time.  The word “day” can still be used like this in our modern DAY society.

             For those who are still not convinced, look up the ancient Hebrew word for “day” at Biblehub.com.  First search Genesis 1:5, then click on the interlinear tab, and then click the number above the word day, #3117.  You can scroll down to look at the multiple Hebrew meanings for the word “day”.  That will give you the correct definition of what it meant back then in ancient Hebrew.

             It says that “Day” can also mean: age, period, sometime, time, times, chronicles, eternity, forever, lifetime, year, or years.  So maybe some people should quit acting like they know what the Bible says and actually read what the Bible said in ancient Hebrew.  A few religious people are discrediting science and making other people loose respect for Christians just because of their uneducated interpretation of the Genesis creation story.  Moses spoke ancient Hebrew.  Therefore study the ancient Hebrew word “day”.

             AFTER the 6 days of creation are explained, Genesis 2:4 says, “This is the history of the heavens and earth when they were created, in the day (not days) that the Lord God made the earth and the heavens.”  This verse used the word “day” to describe the entire creation story.  Clearly none of these 6 days were referring to a 24 hour day or 1,000 year periods.  To think that everything was created in 6 literal “days” or in periods of 1,000 years contradicts this verse.  The word “day” was used to mean an age, era, or a significant period of time.

             Even when it says, “So the evening and the morning were the first day.”  The words “morning” and “evening” in the Jewish culture can signify the beginning and end of a significant event.  They can mean the beginning or end.  But this could’ve also meant that each of the seven days of creation were just the days that God spoke to Moses showing him the events of creation.

             Moses wrote the Creation Story in Genesis 1.  If he knew that God spent millions or billions of years creating, he had no words to describe it.  Those words were not even in his vocabulary.  That’s why he just wrote the word day (age).



             The most common belief among many religious people is that during every “day” of creation, a period of millions or billions of years took place.  This theory can easily explain the creation story while not conflicting with the evidence that Earth is billions of years old.  This makes perfect sense since each “day” meant an age, era, or a significant period of time of millions or billions of years.  This does not contradict the Bible at all and agrees with every scientific discovery.

             Moses didn’t know how to scientifically explain the creation story, so just try not to dwell on every detail.  Moses’s interpretation was not worded perfectly because he lacked the scientific understanding and vocabulary.

             God is considered to be eternal and outside of time.  That’s the true meaning of Psalms 90:4.  If not, then what would really be a day to God?  If the universe was only thousands of years old then why do we see stars that are billions of light-years away?  That light wouldn’t even be visible to us by now if the universe wasn’t at least billions of years old.  There’s tons of other scientific evidence proving that Earth is billions of years old.

             If the Earth is only 6,000 years old, then why is there so much evidence proving that Earth is billions of years old?  There’s Radio-metric dating, Salt dating, Oceanographic magnetic measurements, and more.  All evidence shows Earth to be 4.6 billion years old.

             The ancient American Indian writings even date back to around 10,000 BC., Australian Aborigines date back around 25,000 BC., and European cave drawings date back to 30,000 BC.

             Please be open minded and remember that whichever God you believe in, if any, would not be bound to our Earth standards of time.  And God would also have no legitimate reason to give us exact time periods for our creation.  So please don’t be self-centered thinking that God is like us and every scientist is wrong just because someone thinks that God’s days are the same as ours.  The Earth’s 4.6 billion year age does NOT contradict the Bible or the existence of God.


             THE CREATION STORY (Genesis Chapter 1)

             The time frames listed are according to modern science just to show when these ages of creation should’ve taken place.  Some of these time frames overlap each other during these long periods of time since each global change was a gradual process.

             The order of these processes all agree perfectly with the evolution of our solar system and life according to modern science.  Genesis 1 does not seem to be explaining the creation of the universe, it’s just explaining the creation of our solar system.  Microscopic life are never mentioned in the Creation Story but I added it to be scientifically accurate.  (Keep in mind if you research the interlinear Hebrew, it reads from right to left instead of English that reads from left to right.)


Day 1 (5 billion-4 billion years ago): God created the heavens and the Earth.  The Earth had no form and there was darkness.  God hovered over the water.  God then created light and separated the darkness.

             Genesis 1:1 is just the title of the Creation story.  Genesis 1:2 says that the Earth was without form before the Sun ignited, not that it was made before the Sun.  Though some of Earth’s rocks may have started to bond together over time.

             Before the Sun ignited and began nuclear fusion the Sun had no form either.  Our entire solar system was just a disk of gas, dust, and elements held by the gravity at the center.  This is how solar systems form.

             Then ice started gathering towards the habitable zone from the frozen oxygen and the abundance of hydrogen.  Ice and frozen oxygen are magnetic like the iron in our planet and were probably attracted to the same area where Earth formed once the Sun ignited.  Iron appears to have been magnetically attracted towards the Sun since the four inner planets are made of iron.  That could explain why water ended up on Earth from magnetic ice.  Regardless of how it happened, ice is common throughout the universe and did end up on Earth.

             Eventually the Sun ignited and Earth gradually started to take the form of a planet.  Earth was still gradually forming so it eventually became a chunk of rock that had water.  Modern science says that the planets grew by a few inches per year.  The water then became steam over time from the Sun’s heat.

             The planets in our solar system were still surrounded by a cloud of dust and were gradually forming so there was mostly darkness.  When God made light, it could’ve meant that the Sun’s light was starting to reach Earth through the disk of dust.  The dust was blocking the Sun’s light until the other planets completed forming.  When God separated the light from the darkness that just represents the light reaching Earth and its rotation during this age of creation.


Day 2 (4 billion-3.5 billion years ago): God separated the water in the atmosphere from the water on the Earth and made a boundary called the sky.

             By now Earth was a chunk of rock surrounded by steam.  As Earth cooled down, the steam started forming an ocean while clouds still remained in the sky.  An atmosphere of oxygen also started gradually forming.  This all started to happen around 4 billion years ago.  (http://oceanservice.noaa.gov/facts/why_oceans.html)

             Microscopic bacteria started evolving around this time while the atmosphere was more pressurized from other gases.  These bacteria started releasing oxygen into the atmosphere turning it into the one we have today.

             The Moon is known to have come from an impact with Earth 4 billion years ago.  This impact may have helped jump start plate tectonics for the 3rd day of creation.


Day 3 (3.2 billion-700 million years ago): God separated the water from the land.  Then plants eventually grew.

             Plate tectonics started around 3.2 billion years ago.  The landmass started rising as the ocean was still forming from the 2nd day of creation.  Then plate tectonics eventually formed the first supercontinent called Columbia 2 billion years ago.  Finally the bacteria on land started evolving into fungi 1.4 billion years ago and then into the first plant life 700 million years ago.

             This could also represent how the Sun had grown into the right light spectrum for bacteria to start photosynthesizing sunlight.  The Sun was probably changing into a G class spectrum around this time period.  This led to plant life evolving.  The early bacteria first began photosynthesizing sunlight around 2 billion years ago.

             Genesis describes the Sun, Moon, and stars becoming completely visible on the next day of creation right after plant life evolved.  So sunlight was hitting Earth since the 1st day, but the sky wasn’t completely clear until the next day of creation.  And the time period between plant life evolving and the sky becoming completely clear was very close together about 700-600 million years ago.

             Atheists argue that plant life didn’t arise before animal life did.  The dates I listed for the first plant life can be verified by searching the internet for “First Land Plants Penn State College”.

             And Wikipedia.com explains how fungi showed up about 1.4 billion years ago under “Evolution of Fungi”.  Wikipedia.com also explains that green algae evolved into land plants as early as 630 million years ago.  This can be found at Wikpedia.com under “Evolution of Plants”, then scroll down to “Colonization of Land”.

             A fungi-like species (Agma Buttonii) lived 2.2 billion years ago and is probably the closest ancestor that fungi evolved from.  And The Kingdom of Fungi by Steven L. Stephenson suggests that fungi arose around 900 million years ago.  These other sources also confirm that fungi arose around 1.4 billion years ago: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3734963/, http://www.plantpath.cornell.edu/Courses/PP638/2004/Redecker.fungal%20evolution.pdf

             Protista are green bacteria like organisms that eventually evolved into plants.  They’re known as slime molds or water molds.  They’re classified as intermediates between bacteria, fungi, and plants.  They date back to about 2 billion years ago right after bacteria started photosynthesizing sunlight.

             Then a green slime populated the Earth starting around 1.8 billion years ago.  This is known as “slime mold” or “slime moss”.  This could be what this day of creation was describing.

             After plate tectonics started producing more CO2 and the Sun grew to the right spectral class.  Then the slime-mold probably evolved roots over time since bacteria feed off of nutrients in soil.  This is how plants evolved over billions of years.

             Scientists have shown that the amount of Carbon and CO2 in rocks drastically changed around 850 million years ago because of photosynthesizing life forms.  This was probably caused by the earliest species of plant-like bacteria feeding off of the CO2 and releasing oxygen as a waste product.  (Late Precambrian Greening of Earth by L. Paul Knauth and Martin J. Kennedy, Nature.com)

             Sponges from 650 million years ago also predate animal life.  So Fungi, Sponges, Coral, slime mold, and other plants came before animal life did.  Then worm-like creatures came later in the Cambrian explosion 570 million years ago.

             If you want some older plant fossil evidence, just stop at a local auto parts store.  They have plenty of oil.  Plants are known to decay into oil and coal over hundreds of millions of years.  So that’s probably where most of the first plant fossils are, in my car’s engine.

             Coral are basically ocean plants.  Worms wouldn’t evolve into coral.  Instead coral would evolve into worms.  Coral have tentacles that move with nerves.  They probably evolved to break off and become independent worm-like creatures.  Plus it makes way more sense that simple plant life came before brain based animal life did.  Brains evolved after plant life, not before.


             Plant Evolution:

1. Plate tectonics started releasing CO2 about 3.2 billion years ago.

2. Bacteria began feeding off of the CO2.

3. Bacteria began photosynthesizing sunlight 2 billion years ago.

4. Bacteria turned into slime-mold which covered the Earth 1.8 billion years ago.

5. Bacteria evolved into Fungi 1.4 billion years ago.

6. Plants evolved about 700 million years ago or earlier.

7. The older plants eventually decayed into oil and coal.


             The whole point of this day of creation was that plate tectonics started releasing CO2.  Then bacteria fed off of the CO2.  Later bacteria began photosynthesizing sunlight.  Then bacteria eventually turned into slime-mold.  Then the slime-mold evolved into plants.  Both bacteria and plants photosynthesize sunlight and breathe CO2.  Therefore slime-mold bacteria started evolving into plants-life around 1.8 billion years ago.  It’s really that simple.


Day 4 (700-600 million years ago): God made the Moon, separating day from night and summer from winter.  God made 2 lights visible in the sky along with the stars.  One for the day (Sun) and one for the night (Moon).

             In verse 16 it says that God “made” the Sun and Moon.  The Hebrew word “made” #6213 is asah.  In ancient Hebrew, this also means to “appoint” or “commit”.  It’s basically saying that God “appointed” the Moon’s purpose as a light for the night.  Go to Biblehub.com and search Genesis 1:16.  Then click the interlinear tab, and then click the number above the word “made” #6213.  You have to scroll down more than half of the webpage to get to the multiple definitions.

             You can also search google.com for “Biblestudytools” and the word “asah” in the same search.  Scroll down and you’ll see the multiple meanings.  This word can mean “to appoint”, “to ordain”, or “to be observed”.

             And in the next verse 17 it says that God “set” the lights in the sky.  The word “set” #5414 also means “to appoint”, “to assign” or “to designate”.  Go to Biblehub.com and search Genesis 1:17.  Then click the interlinear tab, and then click the number above the word “set” #5414.  Scroll down and you’ll see the multiple meanings.

             This is just showing how these lights now became clearly visible from Earth’s surface.  Some people claim that God created the Moon on the 4th day, but this is not a correct translation based on both of these verses.

             This 4th day of creation is only saying that God made the Sun, Moon, and stars clearly visible from Earth’s surface during this time.  It does not say that God made them on this day but that their original purpose was complete.

             Though it was really Earth’s atmosphere that had finally cleared up letting Earth’s sky become more transparent.  The Sun was already the light for the daytime from the 1st day of creation.  And the other stars already existed since there’s no mention of their creation.  It only mentions them becoming clearly visible from Earth’s surface.  Thus completing their purpose.

             This probably happened as Earth was coming out of a major ice age in the Neoproterozoic Era 850-635 million years ago.  Ice ages are partly caused by sunlight being blocked out from cloudy skies.  The sky started clearing as this ice age passed, then the Cambrian explosion began on the next day of creation.

             The atmosphere was also becoming clearer from the reduced volcanic activity.  There would’ve been volcanic ash leftover in the sky caused by the land formations from the 3rd day.  And the dust from recent meteor bombardments could’ve also been dissipating.

             It could also be explaining that our Sun had changed by growing over billions of years.  It was probably now growing to the perfect G class for life to arise.  The Sun ignited around 5 billion years ago and has been growing ever since.

             The clearing sky would also change Earth’s summer and winter as well as “appoint” lights for the day and night which is described on this day of creation.  The clearing sky could’ve also played a part in the Cambrian explosion that took place on the next day.

             This day of creation also describes how the Moon is responsible for our summer and winter.  The Moon keeps Earth’s axis tilt stable which gives Earth different seasons.  And Genesis also mentions that the Moon is responsible for our day and night, which is really just Earth’s rotation speed.  The Moon’s gravity slows down Earth’s rotation speed like a brake.


Day 5 (600-300 million years ago): God made “ocean creatures”, “flying creatures”, and “crawling creatures.”

             First God made ocean creatures.  In verse 20 the word “ocean creatures” #8318 in ancient Hebrew can mean “ocean insects” or “ocean creatures”.  This is when ocean worms, clams, snails, trilobites, and other sea creatures first showed up 570 million years ago.  These creatures then continued evolving into land insects and fish.

             In verse 21 it also mentions “whales” #8577 which correctly means a “large ocean monster” like the large Giant Orthocones sea scorpion that lived 450 million years ago.  Another large ocean creature evolved later called the Dunkleosteus which was a 30ft long fish that lived 380 million years ago.

             Then God made “birds”.  The ancient Hebrew word for “birds” #5775 in this verse correctly means “flying creatures” so it was referring to flying insects.  The dragonfly (Rhyniognatha hirsti) was the oldest land insect and lived 400 million years ago.  These qualify as the first “flying creatures.”

             There are 4 different words used for birds in ancient Hebrew, but the word used in this verse was the Hebrew word #5775 meaning “flying creatures”.  The other words for birds in ancient Hebrew are: #6833 meaning bird, #5861 meaning bird of prey, and #1469 meaning young birds.  Search Biblehub.com for yourself.  First type the verse Genesis 1:21, then click the interlinear tab, and then click on the number above the word “birds” #5775.

             You can also search “Biblestudytools 5775” at google.com to see the definition for “birds” which correctly means “birds” or “winged insects”.  It really just means “flying creatures” in its true definition.

             Atheists love to use this as a contradiction to science which teaches that birds evolved after reptiles much later on than Genesis says.  But that’s just a misinterpretation of the ancient Hebrew.  Evolution teaches that ocean creatures came first and then came insects that could fly.  This verse does NOT contradict with science at all.

             In verse 21 it also describes that God made other creatures “that moveth” #7430 which represents a creature that “crawls lightly or makes short steps”.  This probably represents land insects or amphibians.  This describes ocean creatures evolving on land during the same time for hundreds of millions of years.

             The point of this 5th day of creation is that “ocean creatures”, “flying creatures”, and “slow crawling creatures” began to form and they continued evolving afterwards.  Dragonflies are “flying creatures” and Moses who wrote the creation story didn’t use our classification system of insects, birds, amphibians, and reptiles.  He used words like ocean creatures, flying creatures, and slow crawling creatures.  And ancient Hebrew defined all flying creatures to be in the same (flying) specie group, including insects.  The true Hebrew definitions of these words all agree with the order of evolution.  And I listed multiple references so anyone can verify this for themselves.


Day 6 (300–3 million years ago): God made reptiles, mammals, and mankind.

             In verse 24 it mentions that God made “creeping things” #7431 signifying reptiles.  The word “creeping things” more accurately means, “a reptile or any rapidly moving animal”.

             Remember the previous day of creation in verse 21 it mentioned creatures “that moveth” #7430 which describes a creature that crawls lightly or makes short steps (amphibians).  It’s basically explaining how ocean creatures could barely walk on land until they evolved and adapted to moving quickly on land.  It seems to be describing the evolution of ocean life onto land over the course of the 5th and 6th days of creation.  The 5th and 6th days describe ocean creatures evolving into amphibians and then into reptiles and ultimately into mammals.

             Now notice how mammals like apes were made in this same era as mankind.  It could be pointing out that God made apes, and then from apes God made mankind.  Basically it’s talking about human evolution if you choose to be open minded.  This means that mankind was created on Earth before Adam.  And all of these creation periods were long periods of time.

             Genesis 1:26-27 quotes God saying, “Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness; let them have dominion...”  “God created mankind in his own image”.  This verse was written before Adam and Eve are even mentioned in Genesis 2:7 where it’s referring to God making Adam separately from mankind.

             The Hebrew word that says, “Let Us make” #6213 doesn’t mean there is more than one God talking.  It’s an inaccurate translation.  “Let Us make” correctly means: to make in the broadest sense and widest application.  So it should be translated as “God made mankind all over the Earth.  This explains how mankind evolved from apes long before Adam and Eve were there.

             1st Corinthians 15:45 says, “…The first man Adam was made a living soul; …”  The Bible is NOT saying that Adam was the first human ever.  The Greek word first means “most important” or “chief”.  And the Greek words living soul simply means “conscious soul” or “alive spiritually.”  Look up any of these verses for yourself on Biblehub.com, click on interlinear, and then click on the actual number #4413 above the word “first”.  This verse is just saying that Adam was the most important man that had a relationship with God.

             Some religious people inaccurately take this verse to mean that Adam was the first human to ever exist.  Therefore they deny that the Earth is billions of years old and they also deny that humans could’ve lived before Adam and evolved from apes.  All because they make no effort to research the true ancient Hebrew or Greek meanings of these words.


Day 7: God rested.

             The 7th day of creation is not saying that God took a nap.  This word “rest” #7673 actually means to “cease” and “desist” meaning that God stopped creating new species.  So that would mean that if evolution is not true, then every single creature that has ever lived would’ve had to exist during these eras of creation.  That just doesn’t agree with modern science since species are constantly changing.  Or else you’d be saying that God created more life forms later on.  But this verse was written 3,500 years ago and says that God “ceased” to create on the 7th day.  Therefore God must have “created” the laws of science so that life could evolve.  And nowhere in the Bible does it say anything against life forms evolving.



             If you think I’m twisting any of these words just to agree with modern science then do the research for yourself.  I listed every reference and showed how to investigate these ancient words on Biblehub.com.  You won’t find any inaccurate translations or scientific evidence.

             And Biblehub.com was made by many educated scholars who study ancient Hebrew.  But if you search the internet for “Biblehub/timeline”, it only goes back to 4000 BC.  These scholars don’t study science so they think that the Earth is 6,000 years old.  Those scholars don’t even realize that the Hebrew in Genesis 1 is describing billions of years and the order of evolution.  Although they truly understand ancient Hebrew, this proves that they are not manipulating these words to agree with science.

             The English Bible translators didn’t want to put that God made ocean bugs and then God made flying bugs.  It sounds gross so they put fish and birds instead.  But these are the real definitions of the ancient Hebrew language which does agree with science.

             Moses didn’t describe the creation story quite as detailed as we would’ve preferred.  But that was because he lacked the scientific understanding to comprehend what God showed him.  He also lacked the vocabulary to describe millions or billions of years.

             Imagine taking a primitive man and showing him a video of how our solar system formed from a disk of dust after the Sun ignited.  That primitive man would tell others what he saw and he would be correctly describing the evolution of our solar system.  But he would probably make some mistakes describing it because he doesn’t completely understand gravity and nuclear fusion.  But Moses’ description was completely accurate although his description wasn’t worded in our modern scientific terms.

             Moses didn’t describe an accretion disk of dust before the Sun ignited, but he did say that Earth was without form.  He didn’t say that nuclear fusion began as the Sun ignited.  But he wrote that God said, “Let there be light”.  He didn’t write that Earth rotated, he wrote that God separated the day from night as the light started hitting Earth while it was already rotating.  Moses worded things strangely from our modern perspective, but he was still 100% accurate.

             When God showed all of this to Moses, it definitely went way over his head.  But how did Moses accurately describe the formation of our solar system and the evolution of life in the exact same order that science teaches?  There’s no way that Moses could’ve guessed all of this so accurately 3,500 years ago!

             Moses accurately explained how the Earth had no form in the beginning of our solar system’s formation.  He describes how Earth was hot surrounded by steam until it cooled down and the ocean formed.  He described how landmass arose from plate tectonics and then photosynthesizing plant-life arose.  He also described the sky becoming clear after an ice age passed.  He even mentioned how the Moon is responsible for our summer and winter.  This is because it keeps Earth’s axis tilt stable while giving us different seasons.  Then he described the exact order of evolution to top it off.

             What other ancient manuscripts from any other religion describes these events so accurately before anyone was even there to witness them?  It’s like Moses was mankind’s very first astrophysicist, geologist, and evolutionary biologist.  But Moses didn’t have any scientific credentials or education.  So it’s much more logical to believe that he really did hear this from our Creator.  What other explanation can there be?

             The scientists who’ve worked hard to research life on Earth have been persecuted as “liars”.  All they did was find a fossil, investigate it, and showed their findings.  For a long time some religious people have been busy arguing that the Earth is flat, that the Sun revolves around the Earth, and that evolution is a lie.  They’ve been so busy arguing about what they believe in that they haven’t had the time to actually read the Bible.  It says nothing against science or evolution!

             And all they had to do was open the Bible to the very first page!  It’s all there in the first chapter of Genesis.  It’s too bad that some religious people don’t study the Bible that they claim to believe in.  They should stop being so afraid of science.  Nobody has to reject science to believe in God!


             OPINIONS VS FACTS

             Evolution does NOT in any way disprove the existence of God.  It’s only supposed to be an explanation of how different species change over time.  Some people consider evolution as evidence to claim that God doesn’t exist.  If a Creator exists and made life to evolve, then evolution only shows by what order this was done.  It does not provide a valid explanation for why all of this happened.

             Atheists act like evolution proves that life was completely random and a God cannot exist because life shows no signs of being a creation.  Sorry but that’s an opinion, not a fact.

             Our entire universe’s existence needs to be considered along with the necessary laws of physics.  Then consider the elements required and the many chemical combinations.  And then consider DNA’s complex code that automatically comes to life, reproduces, and then evolves.

             And don’t forget there’s life throughout our universe including the past, present, and future.  The coincidences are just piling up.  How far can someone keep stretching the words “random” or “coincidence” to explain why life exists?  That’s all atheists ever have to say.  Every explanation they give is just a synonym of a random coincidence.  Those words aren’t scientific to be used for every single explanation.

             The chances for all these trillions of “coincidences” just “randomly” occurring is impossible.  Especially since everything came from nothing and by nothing according to atheists.  That’s just being closed minded and nothing more.  Please just set aside your own opinions for once and observe the facts for both sides of the argument.  For someone to admit that they’re wrong is difficult.  But to not admit it out of pure stubbornness is science fiction, not science.  Keep in mind, I’m just trying to properly define science for what it really is.  Science is supposed to describe facts, not opinions.

             This chapter is not focused on defending God vs Science.  I’m challenging Atheism vs Science!  What evidence can atheists present to prove atheism?  Evolution was the only weak piece of evidence that they HAD.  And now I just showed how evolution PROVES that the Bible’s creation story written over 3,500 years ago was dead on accurate!  It describes how God created every living thing in the exact order that the fossil record and evolution teaches.  God seems to use natural laws and processes to create life and then lets life evolve on its own.

             God told Moses about all of this over 3,500 years ago, so the FACT is that evolution rightly belongs as proof that God spoke to Moses.  Moses was the first person to discover the order of evolution, not Darwin.

             He also described the Earth’s evolution in our solar system before anyone was even there to witness it.  Did Moses have a time machine?  How did Moses know that Earth was a hot chunk of rock surrounded by steam that eventually cooled down to form the ocean?  Did Moses study hot and cold reactions?  How did Moses know about plate tectonics when land mass arose?  Was he a geologist?  How did Moses know that the Moon affects Earth’s day and night AND Earth’s summer and winter (rotation and axis tilt)?  Was he an astrophysicist?  And how did he know the exact order of evolution from hundreds of millions of years ago?  Was Moses a paleontologist?


             Science agrees with this order of evolution:

1. The Earth was just dust without form. (6 billion years ago)

2. The Sun ignited. (5 billion years ago)

3. Earth started gaining form and ice gathered towards the inner solar system. (5-4.6 billion years ago)

4. As the dust cleared in our solar system, light started hitting Earth as it rotated. (5-4.6 billion years ago)

5. Earth was hot surrounded by steam. (4.6-4 billion years ago)

6. As Earth cooled down, the ocean started to form. (4-3.5 billion years ago)

7. Plate tectonics started making land rise and producing excess CO2. (3.2 billion-600 million years ago)

8. A green slime-mold covered the Earth about 2 billion years ago.  Then fungi, coral, and the first plants evolved as the sky started clearing. (1.4 billion-600 million years ago)

9. The Sun, Moon, and stars became clearly visible in the sky after the Neoproterozoic Era ice age. (600 million years ago)

10. Ocean creatures like worms, clams, and snails started evolving. (570 million years ago)

11. Flying creatures like dragonflies started evolving. (400 million years ago)

12. Slow crawling creatures like insects and amphibians started evolving on land. (400-370 million years ago)

13. Fast crawling land creatures like reptiles started evolving. (300 million years ago)

14. Mammals started evolving. (160 million years ago)

15. Mankind started evolving. (5 million years ago)


             If you agree with modern science that our solar system and life formed in these stages.  Then you also agree with Genesis 1 in its true Hebrew description.

             This is absolute proof that a God must exist and that He speaks to mankind.  And this proves that God must’ve spoken to Moses who wrote Genesis 3,500 years ago.  No other religious books have any accurate details like the Bible does.

             Atheists used to claim evolution as evidence for their beliefs.  Not anymore.  That evidence gives far more credit to the Bible and God speaking to Moses than their OPINION of what evolution means.  Facts are facts.  And atheists better not have a temper tantrum crying “coincidence” for the billionth time.  By now you should consider the truth that God exists.  You’re a deliberate creation just like every other life form throughout this universe including the past, present, and future.  It’s no coincidence.



             Atheistic opinions have been wrongly added to the science of evolution.  Atheists have convinced themselves that an ultimate Creator cannot exist if evolution is true.  That’s completely unscientific to claim that space, energy, scientific laws, and infinite universes just “popped” into existence on their own.  And it all came from absolutely nothing to begin with and was set into motion by nothing.  Atheists just label every single scientific process as a coincidence.

             That’s why some religious people have trouble believing what science teaches.  Because atheists quote science and add their opinions to it.  Atheists are ultimately responsible for making people disagree with science.

             Evolution only explains how life forms gradually change over long periods of time.  Evolution proves nothing else except that Moses accurately described the order of evolution after hearing from God 3,500 years ago.  When I look at all of the evidence of life in our universe, all of the complexities of microscopic life, and the abundance of life throughout this universe.  I conclude that we must be a deliberate intentional creation by an intelligent God who wrote the laws of science and created the matter and space for life to exist.

             If someone thinks that it’s my responsibility to PROVE that God exists, then it’s also their responsibility to PROVE that He doesn’t.  Go and travel the universe and search every corner.  Then search the past and future also.  Just because we can’t prove that God exists, doesn’t mean that He absolutely doesn’t.  The scientific method of proving something is flawed.  Besides we’re not talking about proving dark energy or something simple.  We’re talking about capturing God.  That should be expected to be impossible.  But this evidence is all the proof anyone should need.