Spiritual Evidence

Spiritual Evidence


            This chapter is going to explain the human brain, consciousness, and life after death.  Can humans have a spiritual nature in a universe without a proven spiritual dimension?  Did God create the human brain or did human brains create the idea of God?



            Atheists explain spiritual reality as something that isn’t real.  They claim that a spiritual experience is just a delusion of the mind.  And someone cannot have a spiritual experience that contacts another reality because we can’t prove that such a reality exists.

            Atheists also claim that spiritual experiences are nothing more than intoxicating brain chemicals being released.  But they make that claim without any evidence to support it.  Atheists are skeptical of the idea that spirituality can exist without a proper scientific explanation.  But they also have no valid explanation for all of the existing evidence regarding spiritual experiences.

            Atheists say that spiritual people who claim to feel or hear things are faking it or imagining things.  I hate to break the news, but science doesn’t know everything.  Science can’t even describe what gravity is made of yet.  Just because science can’t prove something, that doesn’t mean it can’t exist.

            Neuroscience cannot prove or disprove the existence of God, but it can disprove atheistic theories about spiritual experiences.  This evidence will show that spiritual experiences are not merely strong emotions, chemical reactions, neural disorders, or figments of the imagination.



            During a scientific study, researchers used an EEG to measure brain waves during spiritual experiences.  This testing was done with nuns to see if they were faking it.  A person who is faking something should generate a lot of beta brain waves.  Professional actors have learned to use their neural circuits associated with their emotions.  Actors have beta brains waves while performing.  But in the trial of experiments on nuns praying to God, the test subjects showed plenty of theta waves instead of beta.  These test results showed that the nuns were not faking it while having a spiritual experience.  The abundance of theta activity during the spiritual condition demonstrates a specific change in consciousness.

            These researchers also ran tests with a functional MRI scan (fMRI).  This neuroimaging study used the same devout nuns going through spiritual experiences.  This disproved the idea that spiritual experiences are merely conjured up emotional states.  These neuroimaging tests were also performed on the nuns while they conjured up emotional experiences not related to God.  This was done to compare the two different states.  Even when questioning the nuns afterwards, they agreed with the results differentiating these two separate experiences.

            This is similar to when a neuroscientist studies vision by first showing the test subject a dot and then showing the subject a complex pattern to make sure that the different results are accurate.  The results from the nun’s spiritual experiences were different from their emotional experiences.  So now it’s considered a fact that spiritual and emotional experiences show to be two separate events.

            The results from the fMRI study are complex and abundant.  The spiritual state was associated with significant brain activity in the right medial orbitofrontal cortex, right middle temporal cortex, right inferior lobules, superior parietal lobules, right caudate, left medial prefrontal cortex, left anterior cingulated cortex, left inferior parietal lobule, left insula, left caudate, and left brain stem.  And some other brain activity was seen in the extra-striate visual cortex.

            All of these results prove that spiritual experiences take place in many different brain regions with plenty of activity.  The evidence shows that a spiritual experience shows to be more than an emotion or a figment of one’s imagination from a neurological standpoint.  And clearly there’s nothing simple about it.

            Atheists have claimed that spiritual experiences are only caused by activity in the temporal lobe.  The results from these studies show that a spiritual experience is neurally associated with multiple brain functions in many different regions.  They’re not just a temporal lobe fluke.  These spiritual experiences prove to be complex multidimensional experiences, just like any real experience that happens to someone.

            Those who’ve had spiritual experiences usually cannot find words to explain what they experienced.  If someone you know is color blind, how could you explain the color red?  If someone has a true spiritual experience contacting some unknown reality, we should expect that to be difficult to explain.  Although these findings don’t prove the reality of a spiritual experience, they do disprove the skeptical explanations.  The evidence cannot be explained away as a particular set of genes, a neural disorder, an emotion, or a figment of imagination.

            The testing on nuns was from the book Spiritual Brain by Mario Beauregard, PH.D. and Denyse O’Leary.  It was a very scientific book with an unbiased examination of spirituality.  It was also simplistically written and entertaining.

            In 1998 the US General Society Survey found that 39% of those polled have had a spiritual experience that changed their lives.

            In 2005 1,000 Americans were asked about spirituality, 79% described themselves as “spiritual” and 64% claimed to also be religious.

            In 2005 at least 40% of Americans claimed to have had a spiritual experience of being “born again.”


            THE “GOD GENE”

            Some atheists claim that spiritual experiences are the result of a “God gene.”  If such a genetic code were found and proven, this evidence would be worth showing to the world.  But it seems that the skeptics are just making excuses off the top of their heads with no real evidence to show, just negative speculation and ideas.  Every time a skeptic comes out with a new “idea” to refute the possibility of God or spirituality, it’s all over TV, magazines, and newspapers.  That’s because controversy sells.  That doesn’t mean that their accusations are based off of facts or that there’s any evidence to support their skepticism.  It just means that the media usually favors materialistic viewpoints.



            There’s plenty of evidence that the human consciousness exists separately from the brain.  Some people with Schizophrenia, Alzheimers, Autism, and other brain disorders sometimes recover their memories and the ability to talk normally for about 5 minutes before they die.  Even those who can’t remember their own names for years can suddenly recognize their family members and have normal conversations with them right before death.  No one knows how this happens but the medical term is called terminal lucidity.

            A doctor named Scott Haig wrote an article for Time Magazine about a patient of his named David who had a large brain tumor.  His last brain scan showed hardly any activity and David had stopped speaking and moving weeks before his death.  But on the night David died, he spent about five minutes fully conscious, saying goodbye to his family.

            Dr. Haig said, “It wasn’t David’s brain that woke him up to say goodbye,” “His brain had already been destroyed.  Tumor metastases don’t simply occupy space and press on things, leaving a whole brain.  The metastases actually replaces tissue… The brain is just not there.”

             “What woke my patient … was simply his mind, forcing its way through a broken brain, a father’s final act to comfort his family.”  For Dr. Haig, it’s clear that the mind exists separately from the brain.  The mind and consciousness seem to have a connected yet separate relationship between each other.



            What exactly happens after death?  The brain dies, but does the mind die with it?  A Near Death Experience or NDE is usually referring to when someone dies and is brought back to life by medical professionals.  The amount of NDEs have been increasing recently since medical resuscitation has become more successful.

            Regarding Near Death Experiences (NDEs), skeptics claim their can be no such experience with another reality.  But only because they believe that there is no such reality.  That means that someone else’s opinion completely cancels out the reality of another person’s experience.  That’s a weak argument to make.

            The typical NDE symptoms have been reported by thousands of people who died.  The events they describe are mostly the same.  Though not everyone experiences every symptom.  They describe floating above their own body while watching what’s happening around their dead body.  They describe traveling through a tunnel towards a bright light.  The light then turns out to be an angel or God.  They describe being surrounded by love and peace.  They describe seeing their whole life outside of time.  And they often see dead relatives and communicate with them.

            Blind patients who’ve had an NDE described their surroundings and being able to see while they were conscious during a period of death.  Researchers have studied 31 different blind patients who’ve had an NDE and reported seeing.  Half of them were born blind.

            Deaf patients who’ve had NDEs reported hearing music and people talking in their hospital room.  Some of the patients who made these reports were born deaf.

            In one NDE case a nurse described a comatose man that came into the emergency room whose skin was “purplish-blue” and he was not breathing.  While the man was unconscious, the nurse removed his dentures and put them in a drawer.  The man was then resuscitated.

            But later he asked the nurse for his dentures back that were in the drawer.  She was astonished to hear this from the patient who was completely unconscious when she took his dentures out.  She knew that there was no way that the patient could have known that his dentures were in the drawer.

            It’s easy to be skeptical of this man’s NDE.  But the nurse had seen his purplish-blue body unconscious and not breathing while she removed his dentures.  This was also verified by the other medical staff who witnessed the patient’s condition.  This is a well-known and verified NDE.  Atheists have nothing to offer regarding this case and many others except skepticism.

            Another well-known NDE was by the singer and song writer Pam Reynolds.  She needed surgery for a brain aneurism in her cerebral cortex.  This risky surgery first involved putting her under anesthetic and then draining all of the blood from her brain.  Then the surgeon performed the operation.

            Pam later described in detail the tools being used during her surgery and the conversations the medical staff had during her unconscious state.  The surgeon and nurses were later questioned of her status during the surgery to confirm her story.  They agreed that Pam’s eyes were taped shut and she had a sheet covering her entire body.  They also confirmed that the blood was drained from her brain before any tools were even taken out of their cases to keep them sterile.  And they confirmed other events that Pam reported while she was brain dead.

            Pam reported plenty of details during her surgery including the surgical tools being used and the conversations that the medical staff had while she was brain dead.  Pam also reported seeing herself outside of her own body.  And she also met with some of her dead relatives.  All of this happened while she had no blood in her brain, no brain stem response, and no EEG activity.

            Her brain was completely shut down as it needed to be for the surgery.  The surgeon was interviewed about the surgery and said, “We don’t just want the brain to be asleep.”  “We want to bring that brain to a halt.”  The surgeon also confirmed the events that Pam reported from the surgery room.  He had no explanation for Pam’s ability to report everything that took place while her brain was completely shut down.  Pam was interviewed about her NDE and said, “I was the most aware that I have ever been my entire life.”

            Another case was when a woman named Maria had a heart attack and was rushed to the hospital.  After she was brought back to life, she told her doctor that she’d been floating around the hospital while she was dead.  She said that there was a dark blue shoe on the third story window ledge of the hospital.  The doctor was skeptical until he searched all of the windows and actually found the shoe just as Maria had described.  This was confirmed by the doctor who was quoted saying, “This account stands as remarkably evidential in spite of the efforts of some skeptics to cast doubts.”

            Many NDEers meet deceased relatives during their experience.  Sometimes they have no idea that a relative they met was also deceased.

            One example is about a 5 year old boy that had an NDE and told his parents afterwards that he met his sister named Rietje.  His parents were shocked and later admitted that they had lost a daughter whom they named Rietje.  They hadn’t told their son about this because he wasn’t old enough yet.  But the 5 year old boy reported it accurately.  And many other children who report NDEs are not influenced by ideas from religion, TV, or any NDE knowledge.  They just honestly report what they experienced.

            Another example was told by a Dr. Barret.  A patient of hers had an NDE and saw her deceased father and sister.  But when the patient was brought back to life, she was confused because she didn’t know that her sister had died three weeks ago.  No one had told her the news about her deceased sister because they didn’t want to add any stress to her poor medical condition.  But having not known, she accurately reported seeing her dead sister during her NDE.

            Those who suggest that an NDE is similar to a dream are not correct.  In fact the NDEers always claim that their experience was more real than our everyday reality and far more vivid than a blurry dream.

            There are countless other near death experiences that have been reported.  You would spend years reading the many books recording these accounts.  Something so widely professed must have some truth to it.  All of this evidence must be addressed, not just swept under the rug.

            Here’s a list of some actual doctors who’ve personally experienced an NDE and wrote about it.  These people actually died having an NDE but have impressive credentials for a more reliable testimony.


- Code Blue: A Doctor’s Own Near Death Experience.

- My Judgement Before God by Dr. Gloria Polo.

- Heaven and Back by a Dr. Mary Neal a spine surgeon.

- Return from Tomorrow by Dr. George G. Ritchie Jr.

- Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeons Journey into the Afterlife.

- Dr. Dianne Morrissey

- Dr. P.M.H. Atwater

- Dr. George Rodonaia


            These books were written by medical professionals who experienced a conscious life after they had died, though one of them was in a coma.  Many other medical professionals have also written books and compiled research of NDEs from some of their patients.

            This is a list of some atheists that experienced an NDE after dying and being revived by medical professionals.  They all changed their beliefs afterwards.


- A. J. Ayer was the atheist that started the skeptical idea saying, “If we can’t prove something, it isn’t true.”  Then he had an NDE and changed his beliefs about life after death.

- Dr. George Rodonaia is a neuropathologist who was dead for 3 days until the coroner was about to start his autopsy when he came back to life.  He used to be an atheist before his NDE.

- Ned Dougherty had an NDE and wrote a book about it, Fast Lane to Heaven.  During his NDE an angel said to him, “A major terrorist attack may befall New York City or Washington, DC, severely impacting the way we live in the United States.” (Fast Lane to Heaven, page 253, published in March 2001, 6 months before 9-11)

- Howard Storm was a professor at Northern Kentucky University, but now he’s a Reverend because of the NDE he experienced.

- Dwayne F. Smith wrote a book about his NDE called Dying to Really Live.

- Carl G. Jung

- Karl Jansen

- Louis Famoso

- Thomas Sawyer

- Arthur Yensen

- Don Brubaker

- Dannion Brinkley

- Beverly Brodsky


            Their entire stories are really interesting.  They can be read at Near-death.com/religion/atheism.html.  Or NDERF.org is another good website with more info.  The best book I’ve read on this topic was Consciousness Beyond Life by Pim van Lommel MD.  It was an excellent book and it’s known to be the best source of evidence regarding this topic.

            Another good book is Imagine Heaven by John Burke.  It lists many different NDEs that were documented to be true by medical professionals.  They agreed that the deceased patients did describe in detail everything going on around their bodies during a period of death.

            All of this evidence cannot just be dismissed because our scientific testing methods have no way of verifying these occurrences in another reality.  Thousands of NDE reports have been made from all over the world.  These NDEers describe the same symptoms of being conscious after death and outside of time in a state of eternity.


            NDE STUDIES

            NDE studies have been conducted in a clinical format by doctors, psychologists, and neurologists from different parts of the world.  They interviewed any doctors and nursing staff involved with the patient who experienced the NDE.  They interviewed the patients as soon as possible with the cooperation of surrounding hospitals.  These researchers also interviewed the same patients 2 years later and again after 8 years to verify the reported details.  Most patients remembered their NDEs in detail.

            Each study usually involved hundreds of patients who’ve had an NDE.  Over 3,500 NDE patients have been interviewed by 55 different researchers or teams.  The researchers were surprised that the results always ended up with the same symptoms and explanations.

             The conclusion to every NDE study is always: “consciousness with memories and occasional perception can be experienced during unconsciousness.”

            And unconsciousness is defined as, “a period when the brain shows no electrical activity, no brain functions such as body reflexes, no brain-stem reflexes, and no breathing.”  So it basically means dead.  EEG and MRI knowledge have also confirmed this brain dead state when a patient is pronounced deceased.

            Testing has shown that blood flow completely stops in the brain after a cardiac arrest.  Oxygen deprivation takes place 6.5 seconds after a cardiac arrest.  And a complete loss of all electrical activity in the brain takes place after an average of 15 seconds.

            Besides, any patient under anesthesia should be unconscious while having blood flow and electrical brain activity.  Nobody should experience any consciousness while under anesthesia.  Yet these NDEs are reported after death with no breathing, no blood flow, and no electrical activity.

            These studies have proven that NDEs were experienced during a period of clinical death, not before or afterwards.  The conclusion to these NDE studies is also, “A period of clear consciousness can be experienced independently between the mind and brain”.

            In one of the NDE studies, 43% of the events and brain dead conditions were verified by the medical staff that assisted with the patients’ resuscitation.  Their testimonies verified that the patients’ brains were completely inactive.

            Some patients reported observing the events around their bodies in a conscious state while hovering above the room.  The medical staff verified what was being said and done during some of these NDEs.  This shows that an NDE is not some hallucination or a report of unverified events.



            The most common explanation for an NDE from skeptics is oxygen deprivation in the brain.  The symptoms of oxygen deprivation are fainting, long-term loss of consciousness, coma, seizures, termination of brain stem reflexes, and brain death.  These symptoms of oxygen deprivation do not match the symptoms of an NDE experience.

            Some skeptics say that endorphins released in the brain at death could be the cause of an NDE.  But the effects of endorphins can last for several hours while the NDE experience ends as soon as the patient is brought back to life.

            Ketamine is another drug that is occasionally given as an anesthetic.  Its effects can be similar to the symptoms of an NDE.  But seeing dead relatives is not a side effect of this drug along with other NDE symptoms.  And most people who’ve had an NDE were not under the influence of Ketamine to begin with.

            DMT is another drug that is produced in the brain and can also cause some of the same symptoms as an NDE.  But these NDEs usually occur while the patient is completely brain dead.  A flatline EEG and other methods confirm that the patients’ brains were completely inactive during their NDEs.

            Some skeptics claim that NDEs are caused by an excess of CO2 in the brain.  In a trial of 52 patients, the results from this NDE study claimed that CO2 blood levels were higher in patients that had an NDE.  But the patients that didn’t have an NDE had a CO2 blood level of 1.4-5.3.  While those who did have an NDE had a CO2 level of 2.3-6.6.  Although there is a difference here, it’s extremely minor to conclude that CO2 blood levels are responsible for NDEs.  And each group had a CO2 blood level that varied by 4, while the difference between the two groups resulted in a difference of 1.3 at the most.

            An excess of CO2 is known as hypercapnia which is caused by inadequate breathing.  Side effects of excess CO2 include muscular tension, rapid breathing, rapid heart rate, headaches, dizziness, fatigue, nausea, vomiting, convulsions, unconsciousness, coma, and death.  These symptoms do not match the common NDE symptoms.  During a period of death there is no brain activity, so there should be no type of consciousness at all.

            This study just proves that some of these patients stopped breathing for a longer period of time.  The longer that a person stops breathing, the more CO2 they should have in the blood.  So all this proves is that the patients who had an NDE were more deceased than those who didn’t have one.  Maybe the NDE starts as a person becomes completely deceased.

            None of these skeptical explanations can account for the NDE symptoms.  NDEs often involve seeing dead relatives, angels or God.  They also involve people seeing their whole lives pass by while being more consciously aware than they have ever been.  These NDEs happen while the patients’ brains show no electrical activity, no brain-body reflexes, no brain-stem reflexes, no blood flow, and no breathing.

            These NDE experiences are often from a position hovering above the body while consciously watching and later reporting what took place in the room.  And Medical staff have confirmed these reports in many cases.  The medical staff have also confirmed the patient’s brain dead condition before resuscitation.  There is no way a skeptic can explain this and many other NDEs with brain chemicals or oxygen deprivation.

            These NDEs are also an occasional occurrence during surgery and they’re referred to as “awareness” in medical literature.  Why this happens is not understood.  No patient should have any memories or consciousness during anesthesia, death, or in a state of coma.  Yet these NDEs mostly happen during death while brain activity, breathing, and blood flow have completely stopped.



            For decades scientists have tried to pinpoint where the human consciousness is located in the brain.  Neurologists don’t have a definite answer for this yet.  Many neurologists and other scientists agree that the way our brains function cannot account for our level of consciousness.

            One example of this is a man who had a rare condition where most of his head was filled with cerebrospinal fluid instead of brain matter.  He had a brain capacity of about 100 grams.  A normal human brain weighs about 1,500 grams.  Yet this man functioned normally and had a college degree in mathematics with an IQ of 126.

            Another example of this happened with a 3 year old girl who had to have surgery to remove half of her brain.  After a one year recovery period she showed almost no side effects and the one sided paralysis was almost completely gone.  She now speaks two languages, does well in school, and functions like a normal child.

            Another example is about a woman who suffered an accident and became blind.  Afterwards she periodically switched between 10 completely different and separate personalities.  Each of her personalities varied in age, gender, habits, and temperament.

            Although she’s blind, she can see when she switches to some of those personalities.  After 4 years of therapy she can now see in 8 out of her 10 different personalities.  The doctors claim that her blindness was not caused from the accident, it’s a psychological problem.  It sounds more to me like a faulty connection between the conscious mind and the brain.  This suggests that consciousness and the brain are separate from each other.  (Washingtonpost.com, The blind woman who switched personalities and could suddenly see)

            Think of this like a brain as a computer and consciousness as the internet.  The computer can navigate through the internet but the internet is not inside of the computer.  The consciousness can navigate through the brain but the consciousness does not come from the brain.  Though they seem connected while alive.  Once death occurs the consciousness lives on.



            These next three sections have some reasonable answers regarding our consciousness and life after death.  It’s not a completely proven explanation but it’s the most scientific explanation for all of this NDE evidence.  I suggest to read these next three sections slowly.

            Energy waves are different from atoms of solid matter.  Examples of energy waves include: radiation, electricity, light, radio waves, gravity, and sound.  These are energy waves that are detectable by science.  Although gravity and sound waves cannot actually be seen, their effects can be observed.

            Quantum physics is the study of microscopic particles like atoms and energy waves.  The Duality Principal explains that an electron exists in the form of a particle or sometimes as an energy wave.  When an electron is observed in a laboratory test by a camera it transforms into particle form.  It changes form once it’s observed.  Scientists don’t understand why but it seems that our consciousness affects its behavior.

            It seems like this happens because of a conscious mind’s interaction with the electron.  Even though these experiments are recorded by a camera.  Time is irrelevant to energy and it changes in a past time even though it’s observed in the present.  This is possible because electrons don’t experience time.

            Another phenomena is called Quantum Entanglement.  Imagine two separate light particles that are separated from one beam of light, particle #1 and particle #2.  If they interact with each other at some time they’ll both remain mysteriously bonded after being separated.  When particle #1 undergoes a change, particle #2 instantly undergoes the same change no matter how far apart the two particles are.  Both particles lose their individuality and behave as a single entity.

            This is an entangled relationship between light particles that were once connected to each other in a single light beam but later became separated when that beam was split in two.

            The separated light particles are “entangled” with each other and they can communicate with each other no matter how far apart their distance is.  If one particle’s spin direction is changed, the other particle’s spin direction will also change instantly.

            To better understand The Duality Principal, search youtube.com for “Dr. Quantum Double Slit experiment”.

            To better understand Quantum Entanglement, search youtube.com for “Dr. Quantum Entanglement”.


            QUANTUM TIME

            Albert Einstein discovered the “Relativity” of time.  This is a scientific law which has been proven.  Relativity explains that time is relative (different) to where you are in the universe.  For example, if you went to Jupiter for 1 month and came back to Earth, then 2 months on Earth would’ve passed by here while you only experienced 1 month of time on Jupiter.  That’s because you were near a larger body of solid matter.

            If you went near a massive black hole for 1 month and came back to Earth, hundreds or thousands of years would’ve passed by on Earth for the 1 month that you were there.  These are just time estimates.  But time does slow down for you when you’re near more mass or if you’re moving at a fast speed.

            Now some forms of energy like electrons don’t experience time.  This is because they have hardly any mass and they travel very fast.  Both of these factors slow down time for an object.

            Time is like a force that changes depending on how much mass you’re near or how fast you’re moving in the universe.  Time is like a force created inside of our universe while eternity is what’s really natural for energy with no mass.  Time is a restriction inside of our universe that mostly affects solid matter.  And time passes differently for energy than it does for solid matter.



            When someone has an NDE, they often describe seeing their “whole life flashing before their eyes.”  This is scientifically possible if your consciousness is made of energy and disconnects from the brain after death.  Your consciousness made of energy would no longer experience time similar to an electron or a particle of light.  This explains why people who’ve had an NDE often see the past, present, and future all at once.

            The most convincing evidence for the reliability of NDE testimonies is that they all describe being unbound by the passing of time.  It’s completely scientific for energy to be outside of time.  These NDEers are unknowingly describing their existence as a conscious energy.  Time is relative (different) depending on where you are or what you are (energy).  I know this sounds mystical for many to believe.  But these are scientific facts regarding how time passes for energy and matter.

            Time is relevant to what you are now.  Your brain is made of solid matter but it’s running off of electron energy.  That’s the same energy discussed earlier that is influenced by a conscious observation causing it to change from a particle form into an energy wave.  And it’s also the same energy that becomes entangled together acting as one while separated throughout the different areas of your brain.

            It’s like your consciousness is entangled together inside of your brain in a particle form while you’re still alive.  It’s possible that the electrons in your brain will transform from particles into energy waves after death.

            The brain is just the vessel which operates the body with the active electrons.  These connected electrons in the brain are not necessarily the human consciousness though possibly.  There could be another invisible energy that’s entangled with these electrons in the brain.  It’s even possible that the human consciousness or “spirit” could be made of a microscopic energy particle.

            The energy waves of your consciousness could also transfer to another dimension after death.  Dimensions are just considered locations.  We currently live in 3 dimensions known as 3D.  If we were 2D creatures we couldn’t comprehend what living in 3D would be like.  And time is the 4th dimension that we live in.  So it seems that the 4th dimension of time that we now experience doesn’t affect our consciousness energy after death.

            This is evidence that those who’ve experienced an NDE and described being outside of time are telling the truth.  It’s not that a person’s consciousness will continue to exist after death.  I’m saying that a person’s consciousness is limited by time until they die.  Then after death their consciousness is no longer bound by time.  So they begin to live in the past, present, and future all at once.  Eternity is natural while time is a temporary restriction that mostly affects solid matter inside of our universe.  It’s not that you will continue to be conscious after death, it’s that time will no longer limit your conscious energy after death.

            NDE reports number in the thousands from people who’ve died and were brought back to life by medical professionals.  These people have no understanding of space-time and the laws of Einstein’s General Relativity (time) but they are unknowingly reporting their experiences as conscious energy outside of time during a period of death.

            They’re basically describing their consciousness as an energy form in a state of eternity outside of time.  They’re unknowingly explaining something that is completely scientific.  Einstein would’ve understood this and taken this evidence seriously as many scientists are today.  It seems like there is an eternal consciousness after death.  Not for your physical brain, but your conscious energy or properly defined “spirit.”

            The evidence suggests that the human “spirit” or “consciousness” is an energy that’s not bound by time once it separates from the matter in our brains.  That explains the NDE reports when people see their whole life flash before their eyes in an instant.  Energy like the electrons in your brain don’t experience time.



            These are the documented experiences of those who’ve had an NDE.  Thousands of people have contributed to these descriptions and they all basically have the same experiences.


1. Time doesn’t exist.  The past and future are all revealed.

2. A bright white light.  Sometimes God or an angel is the light.

3. Moving through a tunnel and sometimes through the universe.

4. Feeling weightless and being separated from the body.

5. Thought processes speed up and understanding increases.

6. An awareness of things going on elsewhere.

7. A feeling of peace and happiness for most people.

8. Seeing God, angels, or deceased relatives.

9. Awareness of being dead while seeing one’s own body and the events happening after death.


            The quantum explanation fits perfectly with these NDE experiences.  The experience of being unrestricted by time is probably caused by the separation between the brain and the eternal conscious energy.  Moving through a tunnel is probably because energy waves travel at millions of MPH.  The weightlessness is probably because energy has almost no weight or mass.  The awareness of things going on elsewhere is probably caused by the “entanglement” of their scattered conscious energy.



            Scientists suggest that all matter is made of energy waves.  These energy waves are made of vibrational frequencies.  These are similar to the vibrations made from sound waves.  This vibration is what causes energy and matter to exist as they do now.  This is a different kind of vibrational wave that we cannot produce through speech, though it’s a similar concept.  Genesis 1:3 says, “Then God said, Let there be light.”  It seems like God could’ve been speaking vibrational waves to create energy and matter.

            Quantum physics explains that energy can be transformed into matter and vice versa depending on whether it’s observed or not.  Imagine if there was the energy of a solar system but it didn’t become solid matter until you saw it through a telescope.  Then it would exist as solid matter.  This is just an analogy since someone has already observed the energy in our universe to make it into solid matter.  But this leaves the problem of who first observed the energy in our universe to make it transform into matter.  Genesis 1:4 says, “And God saw the light, that it was good.”

            If this sounds far-fetched, scientists have just verified that atoms behave differently while they’re being watched.  Search the internet for “http://phys.org Quantum Zeno Effect”.  This shows that our consciousness does affect energy and matter.  But God’s consciousness would be able to control all energy and matter.

            The creation story uses the words “God said” and “God saw that it was good” throughout Genesis 1.  This could be a clue of how the Creator can speak things into existence and make energy into matter by just observing or thinking.  It’s like God holds the energy and matter of our universe together by the vibrations of His spoken commands.  Then He observes and wills the energy making it transform into matter.  This is not a proven explanation but the science does fit with the creation story once again.

            Religious people believe that God can hear our thoughts.  If the electrons in our brains are entangled (connected) together, then God’s conscious energy waves could be entangled with ours.  This explains how God can hear our thoughts.  This is obviously not proven, but this shows that God being able to hear our thoughts is scientifically possible.



            Will quantum computers someday evolve into intelligent beings having a consciousness?  If they do like in the Terminator movies, would they consider their existence to be a fluke of nature?  Computers are still a very complex creation from intelligent beings.  But the human brain is far more advanced than any computer ever built.  Therefore our consciousness must be a creation by an intelligent being.

            The human brain has the equivalent memory of 1,000 Terabytes.  And it has the processing power of about 80,000 computer processors running constantly.  (https://www.yahoo.com/tech/powerful-human-brain-compared-computer-163030441.html) (https://bgr.com/2016/01/21/brain-memory-capacity-petabyte/)

            Some scientists won’t consider anything to be true unless they have a mathematical calculation to confirm it.  I don’t want to hear a scientist’s opinion about the afterlife.  I want to hear from a person who actually died and witnessed the afterlife.  No scientific calculation overrides thousands of eyewitness testimonies.  Especially since the description of the human spirit I just gave does not conflict with modern science or quantum physics.  And many of these NDE testimonies were confirmed by the medical professionals who assisted the patients.  Thousands of these stories all agree that there is consciousness after death in a state of eternity.

            Although consciousness after death cannot be absolutely proven.  This evidence does outweigh any skeptic’s opinion.  Clearly there’s something going on here that cannot be explained by a materialistic viewpoint.  And atheists shouldn’t expect anyone to be able to prove that such a reality exists.  It’s just as impossible to prove as it would be to capture God.

            The brain works by firing electrons from one area of the brain to another.  These electrons jump from one region to another without any specific pattern.  One brain function can be carried out throughout many different brain regions.  So it seems that the brain may not be solely responsible for driving the electrons.  Maybe the entangled electrons are driving the brain.  And maybe another invisible energy form is driving these electrons.  This other energy form could be entangled to these electrons in another dimension.  This shows that the idea of the human spirit is scientifically possible.

            Mathematical physicist Sir Roger Penrose explains that the microtubules of the brain cells are the primary areas of quantum processing.  Upon death, this information is released from your body, meaning that your consciousness goes with it.  And time exists outside of the physical body on some other level of reality.

            He also says, “Consciousness is part of our universe, so any physical theory that makes no proper place for it falls short of providing a genuine description of the world.”

            The great mind of Albert Einstein said, “The most beautiful emotion we can experience is the mystical.  It is the power of all true art and science.  He to whom this emotion is a stranger, who can no longer wonder and stand rapt in awe, is as good as dead.”

The author of this book says, “Do a 40 day fast like I did and see if God speaks to your spirit in a powerful way.”