Athiest Q&A

Athiest Q&A


            Atheists have asked, Why would God allow a child to be born with a mutation or birth defect?

            First of all, only 3-7% of babies are born with birth defects. Secondly, how do we know that the parents weren’t using drugs, alcohol, or cigarettes? If a woman smokes cigarettes and then becomes pregnant, does she just quit cold turkey? Not likely. In fact the state of New York just passed a law saying that a bartender cannot deny alcohol to a pregnant woman. And that’s not even considering the women that don’t appear to be pregnant.

            Obviously there were plenty of pregnant women that were getting denied alcohol at bars. Therefore they petitioned the state of New York to make this law. So it seems to me that maybe 3-7% of pregnant women might be drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes, or doing drugs. Everyone knows that these all cause birth defects. Statistics show that 10% of women drink alcohol, 15% of women smoke cigarettes, and 9% of women do drugs. Plus men can also contribute to these birth defects. This petty 3-7% of birth defects doesn’t seem like it’s God’s fault.



           Atheists often ask, Why does God allow mass extinctions caused by meteorite impacts?

           Some of these impact events are known as minor-mass extinctions although there’s nothing minor about them. Every 28 million years a meteorite hits Earth and kills about half of all life on the planet. And every 100 million years these meteorites cause a major-mass extinction which kills about 90% of life on Earth. There are also smaller impacts that happen in between these events every few million years or so. These smaller impacts have the destructive power to wipe out a major city. Atheists argue that if God was all powerful then He would be able to stop these tragedies from happening.

           So if half of all life on Earth gets wiped out every 28 million years, then life also thrives for 27 million years. The math shows that half of all life on Earth gets wiped out by meteorites 3.5% of the time. (1 million ÷ 28 million = 3.5%) So don’t forget that life thrives on Earth 96.5% of the time?

           Now you can see that these extinctions aren’t as dramatic as atheists make them out to be. Plus if the dinosaurs weren’t killed by a meteorite 65 million years ago, then we’d be getting killed by the dinosaurs right now. Then atheists would complain saying, “Why did God make the dinosaurs, they’re killing us all.”

           Maybe God was molding evolution to make it so that intelligent mammals could evolve. Search Wikipedia.com for “Extinction Events” and then click on “Evolutionary Importance”. It shows how some of these extinctions have proven beneficial for the remaining species on the overpopulated Earth. And besides, most religious people believe that all life goes back to God anyways. So from a religious perspective, death is not the end of life. And nor is it the great tragedy that atheists make it out to be.

           If you counted all of the brain-based life that has ever lived on Earth and compared it to all of the life that has died from mass extinctions. There would be no comparison at all. The amount of life that has ever existed far exceeds these occasional deaths every 28 million years. In fact no one has ever calculated how much life has ever existed on Earth. That’s because the number is too huge to figure out without a super computer program.

           I personally don’t believe that God is even responsible for these mass extinctions to begin with. Think about this logically. If God does exist, then what does He do all day? Considering the vast potential for life in this universe, it’s logical to say that God is in the business of creating life. But God wouldn’t be doing the grunt work all by himself. He would be the supervisor or CEO of the entire universe (or multiverse).

           If God does exist, then life after death is a real possibility for some of us. But what would we do in heaven? Heaven is most likely the actual universe and our purpose would be to help God create life. This is the most logical explanation of what heaven is and what we would do once there. So if angels do build habitable solar systems and galaxies, then it’s perfectly logical that they will make some mistakes while doing their job. So maybe these mass extinctions aren’t caused by God at all.

           Another explanation is that maybe God is like a scientist who’s extremely busy creating life. He already has 100 billion galaxies to deal with. And each galaxy has 100 billion stars in it. So maybe God sets up habitable planets and just lets life evolve on its own afterwards. It seems obvious that this universe could be plentiful with life. That makes it seem like a deliberate creation, not a coincidence. Therefore maybe God is too busy building life to stop and babysit every planet. So it’s possible that God sets up habitable planets and then just lets us fend for ourselves. That makes perfect sense if there’s life after death. Therefore death isn’t such a terrible tragedy to worry about as atheists claim.

           It’s often said that God is considered to be “all-knowing” so why can’t God prevent these mass extinctions? But what exactly does “all-knowing” mean? To me it simply means that God is more intelligent than any creature in the entire universe. There’s no reason to assume that God must know everything that can ever be known. The term “all-knowing” simply means “knowing more than any other person”. And that’s not saying much.

           Atheists act like they could build a better universe than God did without all of these imperfections. But a modern mechanic wouldn’t say that he could’ve built a better engine than Henry Ford did? So it’s illogical for atheists to act like they know as much about the universe as God does. God created the universe from scratch. Atheist scientists just study his design and think they’re just as smart as God.

           And it still makes no difference when a living creature dies. If you die at the age of 20, 40, 60, or 80.  Does that really prove whether God exists or not? The time when a creature dies makes no difference on whether God exists or not. Death is a part of life. And instead of complaining so much about these occasional deaths, maybe atheists should be thankful that there’s life to begin with.

           This topic is best explained in my other book called God Is Cool. It describes life as an angel in the most logical way possible. It was written to be a cartoon like the Toy Story movies, so it’s for adults and children. No one has ever written a book with this perspective of heaven. It will definitely give you a new perspective about life in this universe.



           Atheists criticize the Bible for having a story about a talking snake in the Garden of Eden.

           In the story of Adam and Eve a serpent tricked Eve to eat the forbidden fruit. It seems impossible for a snake to communicate with humans. But is it really? The oldest human fossil is 6 million years old and the oldest reptile fossil is 300 million years old. So reptiles have been evolving for 294 million years longer than humans have. And reptiles were once the largest creatures on land with the largest brains. Any animal with a large brain is likely to be more intelligent. So maybe there was a reptile that evolved intelligence to speak with Eve.

           Of all the species that have ever lived, dinosaurs have had the biggest brains. So maybe the big brained dinosaurs evolved some form of intelligence and passed it down to other reptiles. Larger brains do suggest more intelligence. And if a small brained parakeet can learn to speak words, then didn’t birds evolve from reptiles? So this entire topic isn’t as far-fetched as atheists claim.

           Besides, some animals can communicate with humans nowadays. Dogs, cats, horses, elephants, dolphins, whales, and parakeets can all communicate with humans. Parakeets can learn to speak words and sometimes understand the meanings. K9 police dogs can communicate and even testify in a court of law. Some of these species can understand humans and respond back. And who can honestly say that no other species will ever learn to speak with humans in the far future? So if animals may evolve to speak in millions of years, then why couldn’t one reptile have evolved intelligence from 300 million years of evolution?

           The Bible doesn’t say that the snake came up with General Relativity or something complex. All it did was compel Eve to eat a piece of fruit. Doesn’t a cat bring home a dead mouse and present it to its master? It’s also possible that the lizard could’ve just presented the forbidden fruit to Eve.

           I don’t feel the need to confirm that a snake spoke to Eve in the Bible. Eve knew there was a forbidden fruit. So maybe she saw a snake eating the forbidden fruit and she felt tempted to try it. Or maybe the snake nudged the fruit towards her as a suggestion to try it.

           Another possibility is that Eve was lying to blame her own disobedience on something else. If Eve did lie about the talking serpent, that doesn’t mean that the entire Bible is false. Our history books explain that North America was taken from the Native Americans, not the Mexicans. But the Mexican history books say that the Native Americans were Mexicans. This is obviously true.

           But just because our history books tell one false story, it doesn’t mean that the rest of our history books are a complete lie. The same could be true with the Bible. If Eve told a lie to blame the serpent for her disobedience, that doesn’t mean that the rest of the Bible is false. Atheists act like if there’s one single mistake in the Bible then the entire book must be false. But what about the accurate evolution of Earth described in Genesis 1? Or what about the meteorite extinction that’s accurately predicted in Revelation?

           Most of the Bible is made up of Israelite history that has been confirmed by tons of archaeological evidence. The main message is that God is responsible for our existence and we should have a relationship with Him. It also teaches to help others and treat them kindly. Is that so hard to believe in?



           Atheists criticize the story of how Jonah was swallowed by a whale and stayed there for three days before being spit out on land.

           Obviously this sounds strange, but is it impossible to survive being swallowed by a whale? If a human did enter the mouth of a whale, it would be very difficult to pass through their small esophagus. So any human would most likely be spit out quickly.

           Therefore Jonah was probably spit out shortly afterwards. Then as he swam to the surface for air, he probably ended up away from the boat he arrived on. The only logical thing for Jonah to do at that point would be to swim to shore. It probably took him three days to swim back to land which is possible. Then the men who saw him get swallowed by the whale told the news of how he was inside of the whale for three days.

           This story is not as far-fetched as atheists claim. Jonah was probably swallowed by a whale and spit out shortly afterwards. Then the witnesses told the story of how he was lost at sea for three days.



            Job 40:15-24 and Job 41:1-34 both describe what seems like a dinosaur. The explanations are quite interesting. I assume that Job saw a dinosaur fossil somewhere and wrote about it. If anyone had seen a dinosaur fossil, they would obviously understand that it was once alive. So Job simply wrote about this creature as huge and powerful because he stumbled on a dinosaur fossil of some kind. It’s really that simple. The oldest human fossil is 6 million years old. But the oldest dinosaur fossil is about 65 million years old. There’s no description that Job actually saw this dinosaur alive in person. The Bible does not say that mankind lived with dinosaurs. That idea comes from some people who add their opinions to the Bible.



           Atheists have asked, “Why would a God need to sacrifice Himself to forgive us?” Christianity teaches that God came to visit mankind as Jesus to sacrifice Himself so that mankind can be forgiven of sin.

           This is how I see the situation. Imagine you have an advanced spaceship like the Starship Enterprise from Star Trek. Now you head out to a nearby G-class star at warp 9 that’s 12 light-years away. Once there you use a tractor beam to adjust one of the planets to make it habitable for life. After terra-forming the planet, you spread bacteria around and then head back to Earth.

           Now many years later, you check on the planet with a telescope to check on the life that you created. So let’s say that it’s populated with intelligent life by now. Now wouldn’t you want to visit your creation in person? Wouldn’t you want give them advice on how to live their lives? So that’s exactly how God felt about intelligent life on Earth. He wanted to visit mankind to give us advice on how to live our lives. And that’s the basis of what Jesus did. He taught us not to be greedy or selfish. He taught us to feed the poor and heal the sick. Back then nobody had the ability to heal the sick, but we do now with modern medicine.

           Now imagine that you went to visit the life that you created on that habitable planet. As you meet them outside of your Starship, won’t they feel threatened by your power? If any alien ever landed on Earth and made contact, people would panic.  Someone would undoubtedly freak out and try to kill the alien. Those people would feel threatened by its superior power.

           In the same way, God knew the future that mankind would feel threatened by His power to do miracles and His claims to be God. Therefore the people panicked and killed Jesus. So it was a sacrifice for God to visit His creation because He knew that the people would panic and kill Him. But He made the sacrifice anyways to give advice to mankind and to set the example. And Jesus knew that death of the physical body is not death to the spirit.

           The whole idea of God coming to visit His creation in the body of a man isn’t that far-fetched. When I was a kid I built cities made out of Legos. After I had completed a whole city, I remember wishing that I could shrink down to size so that I could explore my Lego city. But no matter how much I wanted to, I couldn’t. That used to frustrate me, so now I can understand how God wanted to visit His own creation. And that’s exactly what He did 2,000 years ago.



            Atheists argue that God killed so many innocent people in the story of Noah’s Ark and the flood.

            Genesis 6:5 says that God was disappointed with mankind because their hearts were filled with evil all of the time. These men were described as large warriors that were violent. They were evil just like the pagan nations that sacrificed children in fire.  And since “Earth” means “Land”, “countryside”, or “country” 75% of the time in the Bible. It was most likely a local flood that only killed these violent people.



            Atheists always criticize the Bible story when God killed two priests because they offered an unscheduled sacrifice to God. In Leviticus 10:1-2 there were two priests that went inside of the temple which was just a tent. They went inside to burn incense but ended up being consumed by fire.

            The most likely explanation is that they caught themselves on fire and died. Verse 1 says that they lit fires and then added incense to them which probably caught on fire. And verse 7 says that other priests had anointing oil poured on their bodies which is flammable. So the Israelites assumed that God had killed these priests by fire when they were most likely anointed with too much oil. And they also could’ve added too much incense to the fires. This story basically says that two priests were playing with fire and got burned to death.

            Although the Israelites assumed that God had killed the priests, it doesn’t mean that He did. This mistake doesn’t make the entire Bible is untrue either. It just means that the people assumed that this was an act of God. It’s not like they were deliberately lying.



            The Bible says that God put Adam to sleep and took out one of Adam’s ribs to make Eve. Well first of all, evolution teaches that species change over time because of mutations in our DNA. So if genetic mutations can change life forms, then God would be capable of changing our DNA on purpose.

            It’s possible that God could’ve taken some of Adam’s bone marrow to clone a new species of woman. And what part of the male anatomy resembles a human rib? That would be the same body part that fits inside of a woman. Maybe this description is just an analogy or maybe God changed something literally. Either way it’s possible if God exists and did design the human DNA. Then he would have the knowledge to change our DNA and cause a mutation.

            This whole story could just be a form of symbolism. It doesn’t have to be taken literally. The authors of the Bible didn’t really know how the woman was formed so they were probably just guessing. Besides, this story really has nothing to do with what the Bible’s main message is. It just teaches to have a relationship with God.



            Atheists often ask, “Why would God instruct the Israelites to circumcise all of the males?”

            Circumcision for male infants is becoming less common in the US, according to new data published in Mayo Clinic Proceedings. The paper also finds that over their lifetime, half of all uncircumcised males will contract a medical condition related to their foreskin. Their findings further back up a 2012 public statement from the American Academy of Pediatrics.

            Clinical research has found that circumcision can safeguard an infant from a number of health complications, most notably Urinary Tract Infections. Kidney damage develops in about half of infants that contract a UTI. The adult lifetime risk for a UTI is approximately 1 in 3 for uncircumcised men. (CBS News)

            The World Health Organization includes circumcision as one way to fight the spread of HIV, and lists studies that found the operation can lower the risk of infection by up to 60%.

            Current AAP guidelines offer evidence for the benefits of circumcision, especially in terms of preventing the transmission of HIV, the virus that causes AIDS.

            Webmd.com says that circumcision also lowers the risk of Urinary Tract Infections in infants, genital herpes, human papillomavirus, cervical cancer in women, and penile cancer. So circumcision is beneficial.

            This is the point where atheists will ask, “If God is all knowing, then why didn’t He just make men without foreskins in the first place?”

            God made life to evolve by natural processes. It’s possible that God wanted this to be done for future evolutionary reasons. Maybe He’s just pushing mankind into a healthier direction. And there are real benefits from circumcision like I mentioned. So there’s no reason that God can’t point mankind into a beneficial direction.

            Jesus said, “I did one miracle, and you are all amazed. Yet, because Moses gave you circumcision, though actually it did not come from Moses, but from the patriarchs, you circumcise a boy on the Sabbath. Now if a boy can be circumcised on the Sabbath so that the law of Moses may not be broken, why are you angry with me for healing a man’s whole body on the Sabbath? (John 7:21-23) Therefore Jesus says that the law of circumcision was made by Moses and the Patriarchs (Jewish leaders).

            I believe that God spoke to Abraham to circumcise himself because he was going to get a Urinary Tract Infection. But Abraham assumed that God wanted this to be done for every Israelite man. So the practice continued unnecessarily as it still does today. Mankind always adds their opinions to God’s word. And mankind always assumes that if God speaks to them personally, then it applies to everyone. I don’t believe that’s necessary.

            It’s also interesting how atheists criticize the idea of circumcision which does have real health benefits. But they approve of a man getting a sex change and cutting off everything. They consider those people to be courageous heroes.



            Exodus 3:2 says that it looked like the bush was on fire, but it wasn’t burning. This must have been some kind of spirit form of God. The Bible always refers to Jesus as the light. And Near Death Experiencers often see God or Jesus as the light at the end of the tunnel. So maybe there’s some kind of energy like photons that God takes the form of. I believe that God is made of an eternal energy. And God sacrificed a piece of His eternal energy to create this universe. This obviously isn’t proven, but who else can explain what God is made of? He has to be made of something.



            Atheists claim that if there’s one mistake in the Bible, then the whole book must be false. There are definitely some mistakes in the Bible, but that doesn’t mean that the whole book is completely false.

            Jesus spoke against the Law of Moses regarding circumcision, the Sabbath, and divorce. He also criticized the Pharisees for knowing the Laws but not knowing God. Clearly mankind has been adding their opinions to the Bible. And Jesus disapproved of some teachings.

            The Bible does have some mistakes that were made by men. And these men made plenty of personal mistakes in their own lives. Moses, King David, Solomon, and many others all made mistakes. But the Bible doesn’t require mankind to be perfect. It just teaches to have a relationship with God throughout your life.

            Mankind always adds their opinions of who God is. Just because the Bible authors told some exaggerated stories or made mistakes, that doesn’t mean that God doesn’t exist. Besides, atheism also has many mistakes with their “nothing” theory (see chapter 1).

            There are many beneficial stories in the Bible that provide valuable lessons. Proverbs also has tons of great advice that still applies to our daily lives. But there’s no reason to take every single verse word for word.

            For example, God told Abraham to be fruitful and multiply which means to have lots of children. But that was spoken specifically to Abraham over 3,500 years ago. Christians nowadays take this verse out of context. The human population is growing at 25% every 20 years. That equals 20 billion people in 100 years, 60 billion people in 200 years, and 100 billion people in 300 years. So obviously there has to be some form of population control in the future. If there isn’t, then we’ll eat all of the food that Earth has. Maybe then we’ll start eating each other like a cannibalistic society. So at some point abortion is going to have to be done to control the population like they currently do in China. Imagine the future millions of years from now without population control. It would be a disaster.

            So people need to realize that the Bible was written by men although there still are beneficial stories and wisdom. And Jesus’ teachings can always be considered true, but everything else was written thousands of years ago. Times have changed and we need to make the best choices based on our modern society.

            Atheists claim that if there’s one mistake in the Bible then the whole book is false. But Genesis 1 is completely accurate. Revelation also predicts the meteorite extinction that modern science has confirmed will happen. And just because the mass extinction is accurately described and seems to be schedule in 15 million years. That could just be a warning for mankind to stop displeasing God. I believe that we can avoid that apocalypse if mankind stops their constant greed and disrespect towards God. It’s not guaranteed to come true, it’s a warning of consequences for our actions. We ultimately will decide what future God lets happen. Maybe if mankind starts behaving better, then God will guide scientists to discover new forms of space propulsion. Then we can meet the coming meteorites and nudge them away from Earth. That’s how I see the apocalypse prediction.

            So the Bible is considered to be the word of God and I agree. But that doesn’t mean that all of it is God’s exact words. It’s just a book that describes the history of Israel and the relationship between God and humans. There’s no reason for religious people to take every word as the complete truth. And there’s no reason for atheists to misquote verses and claim that it’s all completely false. As I’ve already proved, atheism also has plenty of mistakes in their claims. But that doesn’t mean to disregard every claim they make. All of mankind is flawed.

            We must consider all options when making decisions. And the most important decision is to be open minded to other ideas. Unfortunately religious people take every Bible verse so literally that atheists hate the entire book. Religious people keep discrediting science and atheists keep discrediting religion. There has to be some common ground so that we can all learn to get along with each other. I’ve written this book to show that science doesn’t contradict the Bible. So hopefully the religious people will learn to stop aggravating scientists. Then atheists will hopefully stop harassing religion.

            I often see that religious leaders and pastors are holding their followers at gunpoint saying, “Either believe in evolution, or believe in God. You have to choose one or the other.” Well I choose both. I’m not going to let some scientifically uneducated religious leader tell me what to believe in. And none of my beliefs in science contradict the Bible as I’ve already shown. Nobody should be forcing their opinions of the Bible on other people. The Bible is extremely vague regarding evolution and the age of the Earth. And these are the biggest reasons that atheism is the fastest growing belief system.

            Both atheists and religious people need to get their act together. We have to learn to respect each other’s views. The science denying religious people are the top contributors towards atheism. They contradict science while waving a Bible in the air. Atheists should not be expected to change their views based on a book that was written by men thousands of years ago.

            Professor Richard Dawkins is an evolutionary biologist who is often considered to be the Godfather of atheism nowadays. Imagine if religious people in the past had investigated evolution with an open mind like I have and just accepted it. Then Richard Dawkins might not be the militant atheist that he is today. Therefore the science denying religious people have converted more people to atheism than Richard Dawkins ever has. No wonder atheists despise religion and the Bible. It’s because pastors keep forcing their Bible opinions on their followers.

            The Bible is flawed and pastors never address these flaws like they should. That’s because they have no answers to the toughest questions that atheists point out. This is the only book that addresses these difficult questions with reasonable answers. Just read an atheist book like The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins. Another book called GOD The Most Unpleasant Character In All Fiction by Dan Barker lists tons of mistakes in the Bible. Read these books and then ask your pastor to explain those accusations. There is no answer to some of those questions except that the Bible was written by men and is flawed. The Bible authors would see people get sick from a disease and die, then they just assumed that it was God punishing them. That doesn’t mean that God was doing anything. It just means that mankind assumed that God was responsible.




            There’s a popular YouTube video called Zeitgeist which claims that Jesus’ life was copied from older mythological gods.  It lists many similarities that are falsely presented.  The Zeitgeist movie was made by Peter Joseph who has a degree from the University of North Carolina School of the Arts.  He’s not a scholar, Historian, or Egyptologist.  He has no educational qualifications regarding the accusation in his videos.  He’s just a guy who knows how to made videos and post them online.  The religious content of the movie was made by a conspiracy theorist named Dorothy M. Murdock.

            I thoroughly researched these references and many others for the so called “similarities” from other ancient gods that Dorothy Murdock claims the Bible copied from.






            Egyptian Mythology by Geraldine Pinch

            The Complete Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Egypt by Richard H. Wilkinson

            The Egyptian Book of the Dead

            The Complete Life of Krishna by Vanamali

            Encyclopedia of Greek and Roman Mythology by Lukae and Monica Roman

            Treasury of Greek Mythology by Donna Jo Napoli


            Here are the Zeitgeist claims of the different gods that the Bible supposedly copied from.



ZEITGEIST: The Egyptian god Horus was supposedly born of a virgin, had 12 disciples, did miracles, was crucified, and arose from the dead in three days.

TRUTH: Horus was considered the Sun god.  Horus’s father was Osiris who was killed and had his penis cut off.  Isis was Osiris’s wife who took the form of a hawk and hovered over Osiris’s severed penis.  Then she became pregnant with Horus.  This is considered by D. M. Murdock to be a virgin birth.  And there is no mention that she was a virgin since Osiris was her husband.

            Dorothy Murdock then claims that because there’s an Egyptian hieroglyph with 12 people drawn near Horus, so this is a similarity of Jesus’ 12 disciples.  I searched other hieroglyphs and found 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 14, 15, or 20 people in other hieroglyph drawings.  The Egyptians just drew as many people as they could fit into the picture.  No Egyptian writings (hieroglyphs) refer to Horus having 12 disciples.

            Dorothy Murdock claims to have seen an Egyptian hieroglyph that depicts Horus with his arms stretched out.  So she claims that Jesus’ crucifixion was similar to the god Horus.  Then she explains, “It is critical to point out that we are dealing with metaphors here.”

            I then searched for Egyptian hieroglyphs with anyone having their arms stretched out and found nothing even close.  The only thing being stretched out is the truth.  The god Horus was never crucified or anything remotely similar.

            She explains how Jesus rising from the dead is similar to Horus because he was the Sun god who dies every day as the Sun goes down and then rises again in the morning.  In one story Horus was bitten by a scorpion and died, but magic brought him back to life.  Horus was once a real Egyptian Pharaoh that was probably bitten by a scorpion and survived.  A scorpion’s venom is not always deadly.  These are not similarities to Jesus rising from the dead.

            The differences between Horus and Jesus are many.  Egyptian gods supposedly took many forms such as hippos, cows, snakes, falcons, crocodiles, lions, scorpions, and fish.  Horus also got into a fight with the god Seth and cut off his testicles.  Seth raped Horus and he gave birth to the god Thoth.  Then Horus’s mother Isis tried to break them apart but Horus decapitated his mother.  Then the gods gave her a cow’s head as a replacement.  Horus also raped his mother at another time.

            So if someone is going to claim that the Bible copied from these Egyptian gods, then we have to properly analyze all of the facts.  Clearly these two religions are completely different.  And these so called similarities are blown way out of proportion.



ZEITGEIST: The Greek god Attis was supposedly born of a virgin, born on Dec 25th, crucified, and arose from the dead in three days.

TRUTH: The real story is that the god Agdistis ripped off his own penis and threw it in a field.  His severed penis grew into an almond tree.  Then a woman named Nana picked an almond from that tree and it made her pregnant.  From her the god Attis was born.  Then Attis was temporarily transformed into a goat to hide from his enemies.  So this is the virgin birth that is claimed to be so similar to Jesus’.

            Attis was later having sex with his mother and eventually was forced to marry someone else.  Before the wedding he went crazy and cut off his own penis.   The bride to be then cut off her own breasts.

            The myth tells that Attis died and was buried at the hill called Agdistis in Phrygia.  He was never crucified and never rose from the dead.  Attis was the vegetation god responsible for the death and rebirth of plant life.  According to D. M. Murdock, his “resurrection” represents how plants die in the winter and rise again in the spring.  This is a supposed similarity of Jesus’ resurrection.  These Attis myths also have many different contradictions.



ZEITGEIST: The Hindu god Krishna was supposedly born of a virgin, did miracles, and was resurrected.

TRUTH: The Hindu god Krishna was born from Devaki and her husband Vasudeva.  It was not a virgin birth and Krishna was their 8th child.

            Later Krishna was shot in the foot with an arrow and he died.  It never says that he was resurrected after he died.  Although Krishna was considered to have gone into the afterlife after he died.  But Hinduism teaches that everything becomes reincarnated anyways, so that would not be a significant similarity.  And there’s no historical evidence that Christians in Rome 2,000 years ago had any knowledge of the Hindu religion to copy from.

            She claims that Jesus being crucified with nails in His wrists is similar to the Hindu god Krishna who died by getting shot in the foot with an arrow.  Then she claims that Krishna didn’t rise from the dead but he did symbolically because he was the eternal god of the universe.

            The miracles that Krishna performed are lifting a mountain with one finger for seven days while also playing the flute.  He killed a demon-woman by sucking the life from her breasts.  He pulled two large trees up from their roots.  He almost killed a snake by dancing on top of it.  And he also danced for 1 billion years.

            Another miracle tells when he was swallowed by a large demon in the form of a snake.  But Krishna made himself grow in size to suffocate the snake.

            Later on, a different demon kidnapped his friends and some cows.  But Krishna transformed into the form of his friends and the cows to act like nothing happened.  He continued this charade for one whole year.

            A different miracle tells when there was a forest fire in the village, but Krishna swallowed up the fire with three gulps.

            Krishna was not born of a virgin.  His body was not resurrected.  And all of his supposed miracles do not compare to Jesus’ life at all.  They are completely ridiculous and unverified by witnesses.



ZEITGEIST: The god Dionysus was supposedly born of a virgin, born on Dec 25th, did miracles, was called King of Kings, and was resurrected after he died.

TRUTH: These different stories contradict each other.  Dionysus was born of Zeus and Semele.  He was also born of Zeus and Persephone.  Then another story says that Zeus gave birth to Dionysus from this thigh.  If you’re confused by now, so was D. M. Murdock when she claimed this to be a virgin birth.  No writings mention anything about when Dionysus was born, nor is there any mention of a date like Dec 25th.

            The Titans later killed Dionysus and ate him except for his heart.  But Zeus used the heart to recreate him in his thigh.  Other versions claim that Zeus recreated him in the womb of Semele.  Another version says that Zeus gave Semele the heart to eat to impregnate her again.  This is the “similar” resurrection to Jesus that D. M. Murdock claims was copied by the Bible.  Obviously these stories are completely different and contradict each other.

            The miracles that Dionysus did was turn sailors into dolphins.  He gave a man the ability to turn anything he touched into gold.  Dionysus made another man hallucinate and chop his own son into pieces.  He made a woman go crazy and eat her own child.  And he also made an olive branch transform into a penis.  These “miracles” do not compare to Jesus’ at all.



ZEITGEIST: The god Mithra was supposedly born of a virgin, born on Dec 25th, had 12 disciples, did miracles, and died and rose in three days.

TRUTH: Mithra was supposedly born from a rock.  It’s not clear whether this rock was a virgin or if any rocks are considered to be virgins.  But this was the virgin birth that D. M. Murdock claims was copied by Jesus.

            There is hardly any information available about Mithra.  He was a god worshipped in secret.  Any text about him contradicts itself in dozens of ways.  The name Mitra, Mithra, and Mithras are all believed to be the same god.  There’s no mention of him being born on Dec 25th, having 12 disciples, doing miracles, and rising from the dead in 3 days.



            The Zeitgeist movie falsely claims that the god Horus from 2300 BC and the god Attis from 1250 BC were both crucified.  But crucifixion wasn’t even invented until 519 BC.

            Zeitgeist also claims that 3 of these 5 gods were born on Dec 25th.  But there are no details at all regarding when any of these gods were born.  And each culture had different calendar systems back then.  Yet Zeitgeist names 3 of these gods to have been born on Dec 25th.  But 2 of them are Greek gods and the 3rd god Mithra was a Persian god.  The Persians had a completely different calendar system than the Greeks did.  So Zeitgeist just made up accusations to agree with Jesus’ birth on Dec 25th.  And every scholar knows that Jesus wasn’t born anytime in December.  That’s just the day that we celebrate Jesus’ birthday nowadays.  This just shows how uneducated D.M. Murdock is and how she just makes up false evidence to fit her conspiracy theories.

            Dorothy M. Murdock claims that one Egyptian god was said to have power over water so she just assumes that this is a similarity to Jesus walking on water.

            She claims that because Egyptians taught about bathing in water then that’s a similarity to Jesus’ baptism.

            She claims that because Jesus turned water into wine and Dionysus was the god of wine making, so then the Bible must have copied the story.  And Dionysus made wine the natural way by crushing grapes, not in the form of a miracle.

            She even claims that the symbol of the cross that Jesus died on came from four stars in the sky that were in a cross pattern.  But without light pollution back then you would see thousands of stars in the night sky, not four.  She’s obviously delusional.

            Zeitgeist also claims that three other gods Manou, Minos, and Mises all had a story of the Ten Commandments before Moses from the Bible.  I searched for any mention of this and found nothing.

            Dorothy Murdock also mentions the story of the god Prometheus who was crucified with chains and claims that the Bible copied this idea.  But the legend says that Prometheus was chained between two rocks where an eagle ate his liver during the day.  Prometheus was never crucified.  But she claims this is a similarity because his arms were stretched out.  Notice how she keeps stretching out the truth until it’s becomes completely false.

            In ancient writings Prometheus is said to have fashioned a man out of clay.  Prometheus also built a chest to survive a great flood.  These stories prove that the Greeks just copied their stories from the Old Testament Bible.  These stories from the Old Testament Bible were written around 1,500 BC and the Prometheus myth began around 800 BC.

            The Jews lived in the same area, so the Greeks just copied some stories from the Old Testament.  In fact, the Greeks copied tons of their stories from many other gods.  So whatever similarities to Jesus’ life there might be, were probably taken from Jesus’ life and added later.  Not that any sane person would consider these to be similarities.  The Greek myths were constantly being changed which is why they have so many contradicting stories.

            The idea of death and rebirth was something talked about by every nation and religion in the hope that there would be an afterlife.  The fact that other cultures told stories of an afterlife does not represent a similarity to Jesus’ resurrection.



            Dorothy Murdock authored the script for the Zeitgeist movie.   She also owns a website called truthbeknown.com.  I clicked on the author tab to discover Dorothy M. Murdock’s ridiculous credentials.  She tells of herself being “educated at some of the finest schools, receiving a degree in Classics and Greek Civilization from Franklin & Marshall College”.   A degree in “Classics” and “Greek Civilization” is not impressive.

            Then she goes on to list her impressive career as a teacher’s assistant on the island of Crete.  She’s not just a teacher, but a teacher’s assistant!  And after reading her complete work, she has more grammar errors than there are stars in the sky.

            Dorothy M. Murdock is basically the only author for the religious part of the Zeitgeist movie.  She has also published articles on conspiracy websites like Steamshovelpress.com and Paranoia.com.  These websites have articles about aliens, microscopic humans, triangle spaceships, ware wolves, and other crap.  I would think with her great discoveries that she would be well known and respected in the historical community, but she’s not.  No historical organization uses any of her inaccurate theories.

            I researched more on Dorothy Murdock’s website truthbeknown.com and noticed that she has lots of videos and articles about alien sightings.  She also has a section on her website called “Mysteries of the World”.  These mysteries that she refers to shows how she’s just a conspiracy theorist lunatic.


            These are some of the conspiracies listed on Dorothy Murdock’s website:

- Elusive giant hairy beasts, lake monsters and sea serpents have been reported in remote places around the globe.

- Animals that do not belong in the area appear without any explanation such as kangaroos and gorillas in North America or panthers in England.

- Phantom ships and sailors appear and disappear on lakes and the open seas.

- Giants, elves, and alien creatures have been reported for millennia.

- Tiny artifacts such as spears and coffins were found that appear to have been made by elves.

- A human skull found in Africa and a bison skull in Siberia thousands of years old appear to have bullet holes in them.

- Stone towers and miles of paved roads, thousands of years old, were found all over North America when the Europeans arrived.

- Indian texts describe a huge battle in ancient times with flying machines and what seem to be atomic weapons.

            Dorothy M. Murdock is clearly a conspiracy theorist who I think is on the verge of insanity.  All of her accusations of “similarities” to Jesus’ life are based off of paranoid delusions.



            The most important piece of evidence that the Bible didn’t copy off of these other myths is the level of sanity.  Which group of writers telling stories has the most sanity?  The Jews made the Bible with historical accuracy confirmed by archaeological evidence.

            The biggest miracles in the entire Old Testament are the parting of the Red Sea and the great flood that God caused.  Horus, Attis, Krishna, and the others do not compare to the stories in the Bible.  These other myths are unrealistic and just plain ridiculous.

            These different gods include tons of other stories about their lives which bear no resemblance to reality or Jesus’ life.  Every accusation in the Zeitgeist movie was an outright lie.  Some atheists are so desperate for evidence to disprove Christianity that they just make up false evidence.

            The whole basis for these claims is that Jesus never even existed.  Feel free to call any historian and ask them if Jesus existed as a person 2,000 years ago.  That’s like saying that Alexander the Great never existed.

            Jesus’ life has been researched by thousands of scholars and historians from all over the world.  Jesus’ life has been investigated more than any other person in history for over 2,000 years.  But the Zeitgeist movie script was made by Dorothy M. Murdock who’s just an assistant teacher.

            Thousands of scholars and historians from all over the world would not agree that her Biblical “similarities” are accurate interpretations of these twisted facts.

            At Zeitgeistmovie.com you can click on “About” and then in the first paragraph there’s a link called (Source Guide Here PDF).  That PDF agrees that the Zeitgeist movie is the work of Dorothy Murdock.  It’s on the first page and Peter Joseph gives her alone the credit for the Zeitgeist script.

            The statement on the Zeitgeist web site, as of January 26, 2008 said, “Online encyclopedias or text book Encyclopedias often do not contain the information contained in Zeitgeist.”  It also explains that, “Some of the Zeitgeist information is not easily obtained via simple searches on the Internet.”

            There’s a reason that these Zeitgeist claims are not found in reputable sources like encyclopedias.  It’s because the Zeitgeist information is not true.

            Of all the similarities that D. M. Murdock claims, most of them are complete lies.  She deliberately twists facts and makes false assumptions based off of ridiculous similarities.  The dishonest Zeitgeist accusations are made by one assistant teacher who misrepresents pieces of evidence and makes up her own false evidence.  She’s just a conspiracy theorist who wrote the entire script for the religious part of the Zeitgeist movie by herself.  No wonder her research is only on Youtube instead of The History Channel.

            Now atheists spread these false claims on TV only to make fools of themselves now that the facts are out.  I welcome anyone to research for themselves and be reminded that atheists spread lies.